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Sore Throat Without Fever

The irritating feeling of soreness in your throat can be brought on by a wide range of different causes, but when it’s not accompanied by fever, the potential culprits can be narrowed down to only a few common conditions.Since it’s customary for people with mild cases of a sore throat to skip hospital visits and deal with it from the comfort of their home, there’s no doctor to diagnose the exact condition and suggest the best course of treatment.Knowing what kind of illness you’ve caught will significantly improve your chances of getting to the bottom of things and successfully treating all the symptoms with conventional methods. Besides, if the condition is serious, you’ll know about it beforehand and be able to seek medical care without wasting time being confused about sore throat no fever.


If you’ve fallen victim to a typical cold, it might take some time for the fever symptoms to fully develop or they might remain very mild. So, don’t be too hasty with discounting cold as the possible cause when your throat is sore, but there’s no fever.

Other symptoms of a cold-induced sore throat will generally include a cough, sneezing, postnasal drip and mild headaches. They will usually indicate that a flu virus is to blame for your illness.

Note that while you may experience strong symptoms and weakness in your whole body for the first few days since contracting a flu virus, they will usually become milder and disappear altogether with the passing of time. If the condition does not improve or becomes worse, a typical cold might not be to blame.

Strep Throat

Although it’s not unusual for strep throat to be accompanies by a slight increase in body temperature, most of the time there will be no fever. To confirm the suspicions that a sore throat has been caused by a strep, it’s worth paying attention to other symptoms that characterize this condition.

People who contract a bacterial infection with streptococcus will generally experience nausea, a lack of appetite and swallowing pain alongside the soreness in their throat. When opening the mouth, there will be patches of white in the throat, as well as visibly swollen tonsils. The back of the throat may also have pus on its walls.

Unlike a cold, the symptoms observed during strep throat will be very persistent and even worsen as the condition progresses. If it seems like you or your family member has this condition, you should seek medical care, as effective treatment will require a prescription of antibiotics.


A related condition known as tonsillitis may be behind the sore throat with no fever if the other options don’t seem to fit. Characterized by significantly swollen tonsils, tonsillitis also causes bad breath, painful swallowing, voice changes and swollen lymph glands in the neck.

The usual treatment for tonsillitis can be administered at home. It involves having enough rest, keeping your body hydrated, eating smooth foods that don’t irritate the sore throat and keeping humidity at your home high. Symptoms can also be relieved by taking pain control medication. People who face this condition on a regular basis may be offered the option of surgically removing their tonsils.

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