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Viral Sore Throat

Few conditions can compare to a viral sore throat by the amount of discomfort, irritation and pain they can subject you to. The good news is that most of the illnesses that cause it are relatively easy to get rid of.

This article will outline some of the most common virus-related causes for soreness in the throat and list the remedies that can be applied from the comfort of your home, as well as treatments that can be prescribed by a doctor.

Viral Sore Throat Causes

Cold Flu

The best known and most frequent viral sore throat infection is caused by a simple flu virus. A common cold can be a major annoyance, but when proper treatment is applied, it usually doesn’t cause any further health complications.


A more severe condition sets in as a result of infection in the voice box (larynx) and is known as laryngitis. It’s characterized by a sudden development of a hoarse of complete loss of voice, generally accompanied by a fever, as well as irritation and swelling of lymph nodes.


Mononucleosis or mono causes an extreme feeling of fatigue for prolonged periods of time. The relief from this condition generally comes from the body’s own healing processes, but it can take a while for an infected person to fully recover. To speed up the recovery, several home-based remedies and plenty of rest is recommended.

How to Treat a Sore Throat?

While it might seem like a good idea immediately proceed with a complete course of medical treatment prescribed by a doctor to deal with the soreness in your throat caused by a viral infection, it’s worth taking some time to observe the illness and pinpoint the exact cause, along with regular appointments with a doctor.

Seeing as antibiotics will have absolutely no effect on viral infections and can actually be harmful to your health, a great deal of recovery success will rest on your ability to provide proper treatment at home and not making it worse. The best choice of viral sore throat remedies depends on the particular condition at hand.

Cold Flu

Virus-related sore throat is a common occurrence in many families and cold flu is the most common culprit. Fortunately, it’s as easy to get rid of it as it is to get sick, so long as you take all the necessary steps not to make it any worse. Drinking water, resting and keeping the windows closed at your home should be enough to keep the flu at bay.


Seeing as laryngitis is often a complication of a viral infection, such as a common cold, it is best treated by dealing with the underlying condition. In case of acute laryngitis that only lasts a few days drinking plenty of fluids to keep the body hydrated is usually enough to deal with the problem.

A chronic case may require involvement of a doctor prescribing medication.


All the usual self-care advice applies in the case of mono. Reduce all form of physical activities to an absolute minimum, especially if your spleen has been enlarged. Get sufficient amount of rest and sleep until full recovery. Viral sore throat symptoms can be eased by gargling salt water a couple of times throughout the day.

In severe cases of mononucleosis there may arise a need for the use of corticosteroids aimed at treating the viral sore throat and swelling.

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