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Sore Throat White Spots

When our throat is sore or someone in our family is suffering from it, we often suspect a common cold as the cause behind the symptoms. However, we’re sometimes thrown off by the absence of fever and the presence of white spots inside the mouth or in the back of the throat.

Being faced by an unknown condition, it’s important to find out whether it should be treated as a medical emergency or a regular doctor’s appointment on the weekend will be in order. This article will help you tell a mild condition from a dangerous bacterial infection.

If you’ve been recently plagued by the feeling of sore throat white spots on the tonsils and no fever, it’s certainly not the result of a flu virus, but instead caused by one of the following conditions.

Strep Throat

When the flu has been ruled out as the cause of soreness in the throat, suspicions immediately fall on a streptococcus bacteria infection.

Strep throat is characterized by painful swallowing, headache and rash. The symptoms of pain are accompanied by a severe swelling of tonsils, white areas, the presence of pus, white spots and sometimes red spots in the mouth.

Some cases can result in a visible swelling of neck, vomiting and fever, spreading further by affecting internal organs. These symptoms are not likely to show if the condition has been diagnosed promptly and the necessary treatment has been applied, which include a course of antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.


The tissues at the back of the throat are called tonsils. When healthy, their color doesn’t differ much from the rest of the throat, but an inflammation can cause them to develop an unsightly look.

Additional symptoms may include swelling, a feeling of scratchiness, white spots, sore throat, pain when swallowing, stiffness in the neck and headache. Depending on the particular case, there may or may not be a fever present.

When tonsillitis is caused by a virus, it can be safely dealt with from the comfort of your home, incorporating warm conditions, humid air and plenty of rest. In cases where a bacterial infection is involved, antibiotics are required to ensure recovery. A succession of constant tonsillitis outbreaks and their treatment may raise the need for surgically removing tonsils from the throat, with the patient’s consent.

Oral Thrush

White spots on your mouth a usually a sign of a yeast infection. Babies and those who suffer from a weak immune system are the most common victims of oral thrush. Certain medications may also promote the development of fungi that cause it.

It’s accompanied by several symptoms, such as painful patches and cracked spots in the mouth, as well as a weakened sense of taste. This condition can lead to an eventual spread of the thrush into the esophagus, increasing its severity.

To avoid it, it’s best to boost the recovery time by applying antifungal medication. If you’re looking for ways to provide relief to sore throat white spots at home, sugar-free yogurt and various supplements will benefit the positive outcome of the treatment.

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